Brandywine Basices: Hand-crafted Pumpkins

Hand-crafted Pumpkins

These beautiful cloth pumpkins are hand made and come in two sizes. Whether whimsical pincushion or traditional multi-patterned, you will find numerous ways to decorate your home for Fall with Brandywine Basic's pumpkins.

Hand Made Cloth Pumpkins

Soft Pumpkins

Each pumpkin has six cloth sections made from three different color-coordinated fabrics. Pumpkins are decorated with leaves and branch stems and come in two sizes: Medium (5" widith) and Large (8" width).

Hand Made Cloth Pincushion Pumpkins

Pincushion Pumpkins

These mini-pumpkins come in many styles including classic with berries/acorns, whimsical with buttons/beads and children's with Halloween decorations. Pincushion pumpkins measure 3 inches in diameter. Online purchases coming soon.